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About Us

In 1995, Friends of Antelope Island, Inc. was formally organized for the purpose of promoting, preserving, and improving the “visitor experience” at Antelope Island State Park.  Several fund-raising efforts occur throughout the year that give the organization the financial strength to make improvements on the Island.


The organization is led by a volunteer board of individuals who donate their time and resources in support of Antelope Island State Park. Over the years, “Friends” has been involved in hundreds of improvement projects and events related to the Island, such as:


  • Improving facilities and trails


  • Sponsoring fund-raising activities and events for improvement projects


  • Protecting wildlife and its natural habitat


  • Expanding the educational use of Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake ecosystem


  • Promoting the recreational use of Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake

Friends of Antelope Island works closely with many State and local partners: Utah State Parks, Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation, Davis County, and many local private businesses.



Bob Stevenson

Chairman | Davis County Commission

 "Antelope Island State Park is a major tourist attraction in our County.  As the number of visitors continue to increase, we’ll continue to partner with the Island and the State in making valuable improvements that will further enhance the visitor experience."

Jeremy Shaw

Manager | Antelope Island State Park

"I am very fortunate to get to manage one of Utah's most unique state parks. I am surrounded by an excellent staff of dedicated professionals and together we work to ensure that future generations will get to experience the wildness and beauty of Antelope Island State Park."

Jerry Stevenson

Utah State Senate

"I have literally lived in the shadow of Antelope Island for many years and have very fond memories of growing up next to it. Antelope Island is certainly an iconic mark of Davis County, and I'm proud to be one of the few Utah legislators who has such an iconic island in their district."

Stuart Adams

President | Utah State Senate

"Antelope Island is a close getaway that offers beautiful, unique views of the Wasatch Front, a fun place to observe wildlife, and an exceptional place to hike and bike."

Current Board Members

Current & Former Board Members

Mark Altom, Christi Anderson, Bette Arial, Genevieve Atwood, Jack Barnet, Lane Beattie, Nancy Blockinger, Jay Brasher, Barry Burton, Duane Burton, Jay Christianson, Randy Cook, Nancy Devenport, Bob Dimock, Bill Dodgson, Kori Ann Edwards, Fred Fox, O. Jay Gatton, Cindy Gooch, Gerald Gordon, Jon Hartog, Max Harward, John Hollenhorst, Robin Watson Hullinger, Julie Jacobs, Vaughn Jacobson, Dan Johnson, Sheldon Killpack, Spencer Kinard, Mitch Larsson, Don Leonard, Rick Mayfield, Diane Maynes, Merrill Miller, Jerry Montgomery, Bob Morris, John Morris, Courtland Nelson, Ann Neville, Brent Overson, Jeff Oyler, Lonnie Paulos, Ed Payne, Dave Porter, Marty Qualls, Cathy Rawstorne, Roger Richins, Barbara Riddle, Howard Rigtrup, Neka Roundy, Gary Sargent, Bill Shaw, Jeremy Shaw, Terry Smedley, Tim Smith, Scott Sneddon, Wilf Sommerkorn, Barbara Stephenson, Gayle Stevenson, Shelleice Stokes, Spencer Stokes, John Sullivan, Jack Tanner, Debra Tanzi, Garth Taylor, Ron Taylor, DeLore Thurgood, Robert Thurgood, Jay Todd, Dan Tuttle, Mary Tullius, Julie Watkins, Wade Watkins, Robin Watson, Dave Williams, Tom Winegar

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